I started this blog to help myself track my fashion evolution. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from other bloggers out there, and maybe someday I can do the same for someone else.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Pick

I purchased this dress on a recent trip to Denver because all I had left to wear were pants and an unbreathing shirt and I was roasting hot.  I just ran into Target, found the first thing I saw that looked like it would work, bought it, and ran out.  I have been so happy that it was this dress I grabbed.  I love it!  The floral pattern just adds something that my closet was missing before.  The top is a bit skimpy so I usually cover up a bit when I wear it.

Dress: Xhilaration
Cardigan: Express
Belt: Downeast Outfitters
Boots: Miss Me
Necklace: Blue Boutique

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