I started this blog to help myself track my fashion evolution. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from other bloggers out there, and maybe someday I can do the same for someone else.

Monday, January 31, 2011

30 for 30 Picks

It was really hard to pick my 30 items.  I still don't know if I made good decisions since this is my first challenge, but I guess I'll find out soon!  If you haven't heard of the 30 for 30 Challenge, the basic premise is that you pick 30 items of clothing (including shoes) and wear only those for 30 days.  You can use whatever accessories you want.  You also aren't supposed to buy any clothes during the challenge.  The point is to learn to remix your current clothes so you can make do with less.

Shoes:  Black boots (Steve Madden), Plaid flats (Soda), Brown boots (Soda), Black shoes (Mudd), Sneakers (Nike) - I apparently need to find some colorful shoes that are also comfortable!  These all look so boring...

Pants: Brown pants (Express), Black pants (Express), Grey pants (H&M), Skinny jeans (Old Navy)

Denim jacket (Old Navy)

Sweaters:  Purple sweater (Express), Pink cardigan (Old Navy), Cream cardigan (Target), Red vest (Express), Blue sweater (Kohl's)

Shirts:  Robot tee (Threadless), Cream cami (Target), Black tank (Target), Green button-up (Express), Striped tunic (Kohl's)

Shirts:  Pink shirt (Banana Republic), Multi-colored sequin tank (Old Navy), Pink sequin striped tank (Express), White button-up (Express), Black & white print tank (Target)

Striped dress (Kohl's)

Skirts: Denim (Express), Black pencil (eBay), Green ruffled (Old Navy), Tan (Banana Republic) - I've wanted to wear skirts more often, so hopefully this will help.

I made these hangar separators out of red cardstock to keep track of what is in my 30. (Pardon the messy closet.)

I think one of the harder challenges is going to be posting on my blog every day.  I'm used to blogging a little behind, and usually schedule a week at a time on the weekends.

Well, it starts tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


Melissa said...

Good Luck! You have more clothes to start out with than I do. That may help. It makes me want to go shopping :)

Morgan@Meet Virginia said...

Awesome picks girl! can't wait to see what you come up with!

archives said...

yay! hello fellow 30x30 remixer! very smart to have markers for the "safe zone". good luck! :D

From Suns To Moons said...

The best of luck to you, brave remixer! I did the fall version and it was so much fun. I opted out this time but will be watching from afar... enviously. Can't wait to see your ensembles!