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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day in SLC

A few weeks ago I was looking around the internet trying to find cheap things to do, and I discovered that the Utah Museum of Fine Arts has a free day every third Saturday.  Last week was the day, so hubby and I trekked down to Salt Lake.  We aren't usually museum type people, but it was still fun.

This guy was my favorite in the whole place:

Outside with my coat, and a bit of plaid overload:

My wonderful, handsome hubby who takes most of my pictures for me:

After the museum we drove around the Avenues, an area of SLC with lots of fancy old houses.  We just haven't spend much time there, and I love looking at old houses.  Then we went down to Gateway (fancy outdoor mall) and ate dinner at Z'Tejas.  I had shredded beef rellenos and their signature mojitos and they were delish.  Then we had an hour or so to kill at the mall, where I wandered around stores like Anthropologie, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters that we don't have up north where I live.  I didn't find anything to buy though.

Finally it was time to go to our concert - the other reason we were in SLC that day.  We finally got to see Lady Gaga!  I bought tickets ten months ago and it has taken forever to get here.  Before the show I adjusted my outfit a bit, but I forgot to get a picture.  I tucked my shirt into my skirt, and hiked my skirt up to where my belt was to show off a bit more leg.  I didn't feel too crazy since there were girls wearing just tights and a leotard.

Scissor Sisters opened and they are an awesome band I discovered a year or so ago.  They played my favorite song, Any Which Way, which was so much fun.  Then we had to wait an hour for Lady Gaga to come on, which was irritating, but at least she put on a good show once it finally started.  I am a big fan of it actually being a show, not just a concert.  I was also impressed with the message she tried to put across:  believe in yourself, love yourself, and accept other for who they are too.

On me:
Shirt:  Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt:  Express
Belt:  Asos
Tights:  Dilly Dallys
Boots:  Forever Young Shoes
Earrings:  Icing
Coat:  Rue 21
Purse:  Miche

On hubby:
Shirt:  JC Penney
Jeans:  Express
Tie:  JC Penney
Boots:  Corcoran

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From Suns To Moons said...

That is one unique plaid coat. Love it!