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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nude Pumps

I finally got some!  They've been on my wish list for a while, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered some with my Target dress so that I could get free shipping. (Drat your clever marketing Target.com!)  I ended up exchanging them at my local store for half a size up because they were a tad too narrow.  Now they are a tad too long, but they stay on my foot and don't feel like they are trying to bend my feet into tacos, so I'm going to call it a win.  Plus they are easy and comfortable to wear all day.

Shirt:  Downeast Outfitters
Cami:  Target
Skirt:  Old Navy
Necklace:  Kohl's
Shoes:  Target

Bonus photo:  I fed the neighbor's horses as I walked by on our way back from taking pictures, then they followed me along the fence until it ended.  Silly horses.

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