I started this blog to help myself track my fashion evolution. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from other bloggers out there, and maybe someday I can do the same for someone else.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Flowers

My tulips are almost dead for the year now, but they were just coming out when I took this picture.  My bleeding hearts are especially vibrant and healthy this year.  I guess all this rain was good for something!

I'm thinking about trying to alter these pants into skinnies or crops.  The flare part of the leg just sits really weird.  I think I will practice my skills on something a bit less daunting though - the side seams on these scare me.

Tank:  Express
Shirt:  Kohl's
Pants:  H&M
Belt:  From another dress
Shoes:  Famous Footwear

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