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Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 18

I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work today, so I was rushing to get home before the light was completely gone.  Hubby and I had just walked outside to go find a picture taking spot, when I noticed some movement in the neighbors pasture behind our house.  That is not unusual because they often have horses in there, but today I looked over and it was a red fox!

That's the only photo we got before it ran up halfway up the hill.  We walked up the street towards it but scared it off before we could get another shot.  We did find some cute paw prints in the snow.

Sorry for the distraction, but I thought it was very cool.  We see wildlife fairly often, but mostly boring critters like deer and raccoons.  We decided the fox must have been down hunting, so I will be extra vigilant in keeping my kitties from escaping.

Anyway, on with the outfit! (The fox stopped and sat for a bit in back there, so just pretend it's still in the picture, 'kay?) I went with lots of pink today, but the scarf has a bit of green in it, so I added green socks just for fun.  Well, and to keep my feet warm.  I like today's scarf wearing better than yesterday's.  I got it to do a cool braided-looking knot thing that I learned from Kasmira

Sequin tank:  Express
Cardigan:  Old Navy
Pants:  H&M
Scarf:  Target
Socks:  Target
Shoes:  Soda

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